Lomochrome Purple is a film developed by Lomography.
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UK-based photographer Eden Carter captures rugged and desolate landscapes that bring a sense of calm to the viewer. He tested out the New Formula LomoChrome Purple film on a trip to Iceland and talked about the magic of shooting with film...

What did you choose to shoot?

Iceland is a place that brings mysticism and the power of nature together. The way the landscape interacts with itself varies in levels of chaos and fluidity, using timing and lighting is incredibly important towards creating a composition that captivates the atmosphere of the moment. Knowing the nature of LomoChrome Purple film, I purposely sought out waterfalls and mountainous scenes with contrasting textures, colours and material to accentuate the complexity of the formula.

What differences did you find between the old and the new formula LomoChrome Purple film?

The consistency of colour formation is the biggest improvement! I find the new formula to be perfect every time, previously you’d find a fair few shots to be lacking contrast or colour range. It’s exciting to use knowing that your exposures will develop with perfect tonal range. I must admit this film has become my new favourite. There are specific colours to look out for to really make this film work its magic.

What is the appeal of using film in your work?

Personally, I find the pressure of having a limited number of exposures pushes me further to find the right composition, each image has far more worth than a digital image. As I’m someone who shies away from mundane photography, LomoChrome Purple assists me in achieving the dreamscape I’m looking for in my works. I love all forms of photography but I get a far greater sense of satisfaction when working with film.

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