Eden holds over 10 years of experience with film and digital media alike, a majority of his travel photography thus far has been shot using varying types of film, finding a composition that bestows chaos and fluidity is the key to his striking photography that reflects serenity and power.

With expert knowledge of digital manipulation and editing, Eden seeks to develop a style that isn't found in your every day photography, in doing so his bodies of work reveal a particular perspective on the world, where boundaries collide and weave between the natural and extraordinary. 

The first publication of Icelandic Dreams by Eden traverses the landscape of Iceland with the wondrous Lomochrome Purple Film from Lomography, Eden plans to further his exploration of the light spectrum with a new series, exploring a world which is outside of our capability of vision.

Eden has also ventured into the world of photography through the means of scripting seen here.
This project delves into the reproduction of digitally produced physical light onto a virtual space via the means of scripting, viewing the virtual space as a digital recognition of itself.
The images depict a sense of evolutionary growth and structure with the use of colour and line work.

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